Property: Private

Property located by the medieval wall of the historic Santiago de Compostela city center, next to Puerta del Camino, pilgrimage door of the French Way. In the rehabilitation process of the building, the medieval wall, which dates to the 11th century, was integrated into the building, contributing to the preservation of the city’s heritage while marrying medieval architecture with contemporary functional design.

The property has commercial premises on the ground floor and three apartments. The third floor is a spacious duplex that was built taking advantage of the lower deck. The management of heating and domestic hot water is carried out through an aerothermal system and underfloor heating that feeds both the commercial ground floor and the three apartments, contributing to plausible energy savings throughout the property. The wood structure and wood finishes in the building are one of the characteristics of the property, which has also managed to incorporate a modern interior design with high energy saving features in an enclave such as the old area of ​​Santiago de Compostela.