Interior reforms to make the best use of available space

reformas interiores

Adapting to new family needs, looking for new locations, getting more natural light or simply the need for a change may be some of the reasons to make interior renovations in your home.

Generally speaking, what is sought with a modification of the interior is to make the most of the space available in our home. There are many buildings that have dead corners that can have a good use with the indicated reform to enable them. But, what reforms can be made to optimize the space?

Preliminary steps to optimize space

The first step that should be taken when you decide to make interior renovations, whether partial or complete, is to get the plans of the house. This way the process will be much more smooth and safe. If it is not an extremely old building, it is possible to get them from the City Council or the Architects Association of each region.

Once the plans have been obtained, the expert team will be able to detect which spaces can be freed or which are the load-bearing walls. In conclusion, which part of the structure can be modified to increase to the maximum the space of the house.

However, with or without the plans, the architects will examine the building in depth to study the possibilities of the house before starting the interior renovations.

How to gain space with interior renovations?

Eliminate partition walls and increase usable space

To gain space, it is common to unify two or more rooms. This is achieved by pulling down the walls that are not load-bearing. This is a very common way of joining, above all, the living room with the kitchen.

To finish with the walls of separation, besides offering a little space, helps to increase the entrance of light in the kitchen and to obtain a sensation of amplitude in the house. In addition, installing a kitchen area, a kitchenette, with a sink and cabinets, will expand the storage of the kitchen and give the sensation of a larger space.

Movable partitions do exist: get to know sliding doors

If you do not want to remove the partitions in their entirety, we can convert them into mobile. A good solution that does not require complex interior reforms are the sliding doors.

This type of doors allow to open and close spaces in a smooth and silent way. Its horizontal displacement glued to the wall allows to gain space in a smooth way. Approximately, we are increasing a meter and a half that occupies the opening of a conventional door. In addition, these doors have sustainable options, because it is possible to manufacture them in 100% recycled wood without interfering at any time in its functionality.

Take advantage of the height

There are homes that do not have as many square meters as we need for our interior renovations. However, it is possible that they have great height. If the house has high enough ceilings, something common in old buildings, can be used to build a second height. For access, a staircase is placed against the wall that does not take up space or a spiral staircase collected.

This modification is ideal for homes with little space and few rooms, such as studios. In these cases, the upper floor is used to make room for a bedroom and thus achieve a certain degree of privacy.

Use the space behind the stairs

Generally, large houses with more than one floor have an unused space: the one located under the stairs. This space is perfect to build in it, for example, a shoe rack. In this way, it gives utility to the area, and clear the places of passage such as the entrance or hallways.

On the other hand, in this entrance area, there is also a space that can be used. If the ceilings are high, the space above the door frame can be enabled by building attics.

Storage is essential in interior renovations

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms that allow to gain more space in the interior reforms. To achieve this, it is necessary to properly design the cabinets, countertops and storage in general. It is possible to design them to measure in both places that allow to keep all the objects of daily use as food, cleaning products or hygiene.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of the corridors and places of passage in general to expand the storage capacity of the home through built-in cabinets. To achieve an optimal result, it is necessary to select their location before starting with the interior renovations, on the plan.

This type of cabinets are usually more spacious than conventional cabinets and, in turn, take up much less space. In addition, they are designed to maximize space, the absence of holes facilitate the work of cleaning, are much more versatile and, aesthetically, are more elegant than other types of cabinets.

In short, an interior reform, both partial and complete, is a great solution to optimize the space of a house regardless of its size. In addition, thanks to the modifications it is possible to achieve a more personal home and adapted to the needs of each person.