Home Building and Rehabilitation Abeiro


Construction is the core of Abeiro’s business and it is what has allowed us to diversify our current lines of business as a construction company in Galicia. Always under the highest quality standards, we provide solutions to facades, roofs, reforms and newly constructed line. We have a team of carpenters, stonemasons and technicians with a high level of experience and dedication, prepared to undertake any type of project effectively. 

Reforms: we feel comfortable in the reform works of houses and flats in Santiago de Compostela and Galicia, commercial premises, offices or communities of neighbours. We design personalized projects according to the type of property and use that will be given to it.

Newly constructed line: Abeiro helps you design and build your single-family home. During the execution process of your home, we speed up the building process and deliver it on time. 

With the entry into force of the Royal Decree of the ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings), the property is obliged to hire a technician to certify the soundness of the building before the Public Administration if it is more than 40 years old. It is therefore important to check the state of the facades, roofs and installations.

Abeiro, as a construction company in Santiago de Compostela, has extensive experience in carrying out maintenance and conservation work on structural elements of buildings. For this reason, it guarantees:

  • Durability and safety of the building.
  • Reduction of energy consumption.
  • Avoids the devaluation of the building.
  • Prevents that the defects of maintenance and conservation generate more expensive rehabilitations.
  • Improves well-being.

Facade repairs: with the passage of time human and atmospheric aggressions deteriorate buildings, generating risks of detachment on public roads and worsening habitability conditions. Without preventive measures, the injuries produced on facades can turn into serious pathologies, risks and unnecessary costs. 

Roofs: they are one of the most punishing elements of the building as they are continuously exposed to the weather conditions, and therefore, one of the elements that requires the most maintenance. Waterproofing is essential to maintain the good condition of buildings, ensuring the watertightness and protection of the building. 

Installations: the good condition of a building’s installations is basic for its good conservation. The construction company Abeiro carries out repair work on faecal and/or rainwater pipes, changes to downpipes, protection of smoke evacuation systems, as well as updating gas, electricity and water installations.