Home Building and Rehabilitation Abeiro


Abeiro is a specialist in the rehabilitation of homes and buildings in Galicia. Our interest in this activity stems from our conviction about the importance of preserving our heritage. Our activity as a construction company in Santiago de Compostela is focused on the conservation and recovery of historic buildings and properties, as well as unique locations in disuse and with a high cultural interest.

The recovery of buildings is today one of the most important areas of construction as it contributes to generating a lower climate impact compared to the construction of new buildings. The advances made in the construction sector in terms of new techniques, materials to be used and the development and specialisation of professionals dedicated to this area have contributed to the rehabilitation being one of the main activities within the sector.

The construction company Abeiro provides the most advanced and appropriate construction solutions for each type of rehabilitation, while promoting the conservation of traditional trades such as forging, stoneworking or carpentry. Aware of the need to transform existing buildings into energy-efficient constructions, Abeiro is committed to a rehabilitation that focuses on reducing energy demand in order to achieve more sustainable buildings. 

A very high percentage of the existing real estate in our country consumes energy inefficiently, making it necessary to use thermal insulation. One of the global objectives within the European Union is the progressive reduction of energy consumption from polluting sources to guarantee a more sustainable future for all. 

Abeiro believes that the rehabilitation of homes and buildings is necessary to improve the safety and health of a building, and an unbeatable opportunity for a comprehensive intervention including energy efficiency criteria.

Rehabilitation of listed buildings: the rehabilitation of listed private properties belonging to the historical heritage contributes to preserving the building quality and the aesthetic and historical value of the heritage, dignifying the properties and the city. 

These buildings have a large number of unique elements that must be treated with great care to repair their deterioration and restore their original state with traditional techniques and materials compatible with their architectural essence. 

The initial work of restoration starts with a detailed study of the property both from the constructive and historical point of view to know its evolution in time. This information is fundamental to carry out a responsible intervention.