Business Philosophy

Museo do Pobo Galego
Colección Familia de la Riva


To become the construction company of choice of clients, suppliers, employees and professionals within the sector, not only for the quality of our work but also for our professionalism in its execution. We want to improve the quality of life of our clients and contribute to building a sustainable city through the rehabilitation of singular spaces to meet the demands of modern daily living. 



Time matters, and we run our business accordingly. Punctuality not only means for Abeiro to be in time for appointments, but to deliver budgets, execute projects and communicate with clients, suppliers, employees and partners in an agile and correct manner.


We undergo continuous evaluation to improve our performance and relationships. To that end, we consider communication, both within and outside the organization, as a core company value. We are known for listening to our team of collaborators as well as to our clients, so we can continue improving.


We maintain a safe work environment for the benefit of everyone who is or could be involved in our operations. It is very important that our team feels safe during the execution of our projects. Safety translates into trust to our clients and business partners.


Our staff performs their duties in a manner that reflects the highest standards of conduct. We keep our promises and behave with transparency and honesty.


We do business in a different and new way. We are leaders, not followers. We break paradigms and leave our mark on our projects.


Abeiro is our life project, that is why our personal values match our company values.
We carry out our work with passion and dedication, and that energy is contagious and is transmitted to all our collaborators.

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility policy inspires us every day to be better, to improve the quality or our work, to minimize the environmental impact of our decisions and to take care of our relationships with our collaborators and employees. We take into account in our decision-making processes our social awareness and we partner with local charities to contribute to the development and modernization of our city.