The roofs are upper closing structures, which serve as exterior enclosures whose fundamental function is to offer protection to the building against climatic agents, as well as to provide acoustic and thermal insulation.

The main characteristic of a roof is its tightness, and it also fulfills the generic functions of protection and insulation.

According to the climate of the area, the roof will be built with the region's own materials.

Every roof rest on a resistant base, which is built with the corresponding and independent construction elements of the surface treatment of the roof itself. However, there are cases in which the resistant element is closely linked to it, as in the following cases:

  • The roof is resolved with the same composition elements as the resistant structure, in this case, it is difficult to separate one from the other, especially in the treatment of openings, skylights, etc. These configure unique cases that cannot be systematized.
  • The cover is made through a specific solution that includes the resistant element as a whole.

It is important to subject the roof to a control of its condition to protect the building. The maintenance of this type of enclosures is key to ensure the good state of conservation of the buildings.