Rehabilitation of old houses

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Rehabilitation of old houses


If you are looking to buy a property or you already own an old house in an old town such as Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña or Padrón, you need to take into account the following aspects of the property:


  1. Find out about the conditions of the property

If it is an inherited property of which you already know all the details, good for you. But if you are going to buy an old property, we recommend that you consult a professional who will assess its condition.

Factors such as the climate and the area where it is built can have a high impact on the structure of the house.

  1. Take a good look at the foundations, walls and columns

The foundations must be in correct condition, reinforcing them can prevent major future problems.

As in any property, there are walls that carry much more weight on themselves than others. A good method to strengthen them is to build columns that are the pillars of the house, it will be a simpler and less invasive way.

  1. Replace old pipes

If you have a comfortable budget, you should definitely consider changing the plumbing in your house.

Make sure the main pipes drain properly.

  1. Check the electricity system

Formerly the electricity systems were defective and there were great risks as they did not have the necessary elements to make a quick power cut. Older systems are also not adequate to withstand the high electrical demands of modern appliances. That is why we recommend a total renovation of the electrical system.

  1. Clad the walls

Many properties have been neglected over the years. If this is your case, opt to treat the walls with plaster and make sure they are sealed and painted. In the case of exterior walls, use the appropriate treatments to withstand climatic changes, especially if you live in a place where temperatures are extreme.