Prefabricated Houses

Casas prefabricadas

Prefabricated Houses


It is convenient to differentiate between prefabricated houses and modular houses. A prefabricated house is one that is built entirely in an industrial warehouse and then moved to its final location, where after a brief construction process it is permanently located, where it sits on the ground and the facilities are connected to the local network.

On the other hand, the construction of modular houses is carried out on site, but they have the advantage that most of their parts are already prefabricated in advance, so the assembly is reduced to the assembly of modules. This typology has the great attraction of being easily expandable in the future.


Myths about manufactured homes

There are numerous prejudices against prefabricated houses, as if the fact that they were built earlier made them of poorer quality. In most cases it is impossible to distinguish between a prefabricated house and one that is not, there are cases of prefabricated houses with absolute luxury finishes.

It is also often said that prefabricated houses are cheaper: although it is true that their manufacturing system implies a reduction in costs, and that there are specific models at very affordable prices, a prefabricated house is not much cheaper from a certain range. quality. Its average price ranges between €1,000/m2 and €1,900/m2, quite similar to that of any traditional construction.

It can be said that there are circumstances in which it is highly recommended to opt for a prefabricated house: fundamentally, those in which the construction time is a determining factor. Another possibility is that the customer is willing to give up a certain quality to obtain a price reduction.

On the contrary, there are cases in which it is not advisable to opt for this option: on land with a steep slope and unevenness or on plots with very low occupancy, which makes it necessary to build underground floors. If we are looking for a house that is highly adapted to the terrain and its vegetation, it is also preferable to opt for the traditional construction model.