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Passivhaus is health

The incorporation of a continuous ventilation system is essential to ensure a sufficient air flow to guarantee the evacuation of CO2 and pollutants emitted inside. We must not forget that the interior spaces of buildings are usually up to 7 times more polluted than the outside environment, and that, when we stay indoors for a long time without opening the windows (as, for example, when we sleep in winter), they reach undesirable peaks in CO2 concentration. Therefore, a constant flow of air ensures the evacuation of these pollutants.

On the other hand, Passivhaus adds, to this continuous air flow, the recovery of heat from the stale air before its expulsion by means of a heat recuperator that "transfers" a large part of the heat (from the air to be expelled) to the outside air that we introduce in the interior, preventing unnecessary energy loss.

But… And what happens when we open the windows or ventilate if the quality of the outside air is even worse than that of the inside? That we are introducing pollutants into the house without any control, when in reality there is an easy solution: Passive House Air Filters.

The heat recovery system incorporates air filters that can filter large amounts of pollutants depending on the filter chosen. In these times, in which cities suffer high levels of pollution, especially from road traffic, it is an essential requirement to filter the air we breathe indoors in order to have adequate air quality.

In addition, for those allergic to pollen, air filtering is essential and allows to minimize at home (the place where we all rest and relax) exposure to the allergen in question. Not to mention that said filtering reduces the amount of dust entering the interior to a minimum, so those allergic also benefit.