Passivhaus Certificate for your home

Certificado Casa Pasiva

Passivhaus Certificate for your home


Once the decision has been made to build your home under the Passivhaus standard, it is also important to decide whether or not you are going to officially certify it. The certification is based on measuring the following fundamental aspects of your home:


  • Compactness: the existing proportion between the surrounding surface of the exterior and the volume contained inside. Having a high compactness reduces the energy losses of your home.
  • Solar protection: it is a passive source of heating at times of the year with lower temperatures.
  • Orientation: it is vital in the impact of solar radiation and wind on the structure. If the orientation of your home is appropriate, you can make the most of free solar energy from the sun in winter, as well as reduce the impact of heat in summer.
  • Solar reflectivity: if the solar reflectivity increases, the input of solar radiation will decrease, also reducing the need for cooling.


Certifying your home, ensuring that your home meets the sustainability parameters defined by the standard, and thus starting to enjoy a responsible home and lower costs is a simple process, for which you will need the mediation of a technician specialized in compliance with Passivhaus certification.


Steps to follow

- Contact a Passivhaus specialist technician. At Abeiro we help you carry out this process so that all the necessary documentation can be sent to one of the certifying entities, such as the Passivhaus Certifier or the Passive House Institute (PHI).

- Verification by the Passivhaus technician during both the Design phase and the Construction phase of your home.

The Passive House Institute issues four different degrees. For technicians with higher academic training, such as architects or engineers, there is the Certifiied Passive House Designer. For other technicians and contractors, the Certified Passive House Consultant; for experts who are internationally accredited by the Passive House Institute, the Passive House Certifier, while for the technician executing the work, the Tradesperson certificate.


Advantages of certifying your home

With the Passivhaus certification you will have a house with all the characteristics of the Passivhaus standard, which will provide you, apart from all the habitability benefits, great energy savings throughout the life of your home. In addition, the sale value of your house will increase with this certificate, thus guaranteeing your buyer these benefits over time.