Design to save

Sello casa pasiva

Design to save

Construction using Passivhaus standards and wood is the perfect combination for greater sustainability and maximum energy savings.

The trend in construction is to go towards buildings with almost zero energy consumption. At Abeiro we are very clear about this trend and we take each new project that we design and execute very responsibly, given that it contributes to creating a new, more responsible society and environment.

It all starts with the design of a project in which the ideas of what the future house or building will be are reflected. During the design, the energy efficiency standards that your new house or building will have, must be specified. Along with the design, the constructive elements are proposed. We like to use wood because, in addition to presenting unbeatable characteristics to provide an excellent structure to your house, it contributes to improving the quality of life inside the home, as well as being a sustainable material. CLT or cross lamited timber structures are already used in high-rise buildings, not just single-family ones.

Finally, the execution is the part that culminates the design part. Abeiro responsibly and efficiently executes each of the projects in which it is involved.

Build with wood and build with energy efficiency.