Renovation of commercial premisses in the old town

Location: Santiago de Compostela
Property: Private
Year: 2023


Renovation of Commercial premisses in the old town


Comprehensive reform of commercial premises located in Rúa Preguntoiro, one of the main arteries of the old area of ​​Santiago de Compostela. The premises will be used as a bar.

The premises have a kitchen, a customer service bar, a bathroom adapted for disabled access, a large pantry area and a seating area for customers. Firstly, the correct distribution of the spaces was evaluated to achieve a distribution that would optimize the flow of customers. Later we focused on the design and decoration, considering the theme and the brand image that the owner wanted to convey to the market. All this included the choice of materials, furniture, ilumination and decorative elements. The aim was to create a welcoming and attractive environment for customers.

Floors and walls were renovated and a large kitchen was installed within the space limitations of the premises, including the installation of an optimal sound insulation system and the necessary security measures.

The result was the optimization of the existing space in an attractive environment for clients, providing the brand image that the owner wanted to convey.