Housing reform in historic area

Location: Santiago de Compostela
Property: Privada
Year: 2023


Housing reform in historic area

Housing reform in historic area located in Rúa Orfas, one of the main streets of the old area of ​​Santiago de Compostela and that serves as a link with the new area of ​​the city.

The house, made up of ground floor, first, second, third and under cover, presented a state of deterioration in the rooms but not in its structure, for which reason the property proposed a conservation and reform action.

The staircase was restored, acting on the railing and on the steps, where the wood was preserved with a special polishing and paint treatment.

A new fully functional kitchen along with new bathrooms were designed in a limited space. We proceeded to reform a toilet in a very small space located on a mezzanine, which in the past would serve the guests of the house, since we think that the house at the beginning of the century was a hostel.

The final result of the action was the conservation and reform of the existing spaces of the house, providing it with a new kitchen and bathrooms.