Wood, the most ecologial building material

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Wood, the most ecologial building material


Wood is the most ecological building material, its qualities are as follows:


- It is renewable: its rational consumption allows the forest to regenerate with new specimens that occupy the space of the previous ones. The extraction of other materials or minerals causes the destruction of the ecosystem and its depletion.

- It is ecological: trees favor the generation of fauna and life and therefore the creation of ecosystems. During their growth they fix CO2, one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect.

- It is recyclable: once transformed into a product, it can be reused.

- It is not toxic: it is a natural product, whose vision and touch transmit pleasant sensations of warmth and quality.

- It is biodegradable: it does not produce contamination in its degradation. Its decomposition helps create better quality soil for new plants to grow.


The assessment of the life cycle of wood makes it possible to compare the environmental impact of the products used in construction, from their extraction, manufacture and use, to their disposal. Considering all aspects of the life cycle of wood, the environmental performance of wood is superior to other materials.