Modern kitchens: how to achieve the perfect combination of functionality and style

Diseño de cocinas modernas

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home. A good part of our life takes place in it, so it is necessary that it adapts to the needs of the residents, both in aesthetic and functional aspects.

To achieve this, it is often necessary to apply a modern kitchen design to achieve a more efficient room.

A functional kitchen: the triangle theory

The kitchen is a practically daily work space and, therefore, functionality should be the main objective to achieve when we make modifications to it.

For modern kitchen design, therefore, we must follow the triangle theory that was developed in the 1940s at the University of Illinois School of Architecture. It is based on connecting the three main work zones (storage, cooking and preparation) taking into account the intelligent paths that a person can make.

Materials are part of the design of modern kitchens.

Furniture and its materials are important to modernize and achieve a good design. Modern kitchens are characterized by minimalist yet functional furniture.

In general, the most commonly used components for modern kitchen designs are marble, stainless steel, wood and ceramic. These materials, besides being attractive and visually pleasing, thus giving a modern style to the kitchen, are durable and resistant, which reduces their footprint on the environment.

Pay attention to the floor

One of the most important elements when it comes to achieve a good design of modern kitchens is the floor.

As a general rule, it is common to choose between porcelain or ceramic floors, which, despite having different compositions, behave similarly. The only difference is the greater impermeability of the former. However, for a glamorous and modern kitchen we can opt for different types of flooring within these materials.

Types of flooring for modern kitchen design

With kitchen flooring we are looking for it to be non-slip, moisture resistant and easy to clean. With these characteristics in mind, we can choose between different options:

  • Ceramic tile flooring. Its installation is fast and has a very affordable cost as well as a variety of designs. However, it is necessary to take into account that it can be damaged if heavy objects fall on it.
  • Porcelain tile flooring. It is more resistant and compact than ceramic and stands out for its minimal porosity.
  • Porcelain tile floors. It is durable against footprints, bumps and scratches. In addition, it withstands high temperatures and abrasion.
  • SPC (Solid Polymer Composite) flooring. Manufactured with high quality PVC and limestone powder, they are stable, dense and resistant to wear and tear.

Is the open kitchen a good option?

Opening the kitchen to the living room is an interior renovation that, while expanding space, is increasing the time of work.

However, by placing an island we manage to clear the sides and achieve greater flexibility of the kitchen. The importance of this factor is directly linked to functionality. This allows a great variety of actions to be carried out in a single place, such as cooking, bringing guests, working...

Your kitchen needs good lighting

Lighting plays a key role in the kitchen, as it brings it to life and is necessary to perform the main activities related to cooking.

Regardless of whether you spend more or less time in this area of your home, basic and functional lighting should be uniform and constant. The best option to achieve this is to use LED downlights that have a large focal aperture and are also sustainable due to their composition.

With the basic lighting ready, we can think about spot lighting to facilitate our vision when handling food. Place LED strips with protectors under the highest modules of the kitchen.

Take care of the life of your home appliances

Appliances play a very important role in modern kitchen design. Paneling them and integrating them with the rest of the furniture will give the space a much more elegant and minimalist aesthetic. It is mainly used when the appliances still have useful life but do not fit visually with the new design.

In case of opting for new, more efficient appliances, which helps to save electricity, with a design in line with the kitchen as a whole, we can leave them in sight. In this way, the final installation will be much simpler and, in case of having a single-color kitchen, they will stand out positively among the furniture.

Storage is key in the design of modern kitchens

The kitchen is one of the rooms that can take advantage of more space throughout the house. Therefore, it is important to make a good design of storage spaces such as cabinets and countertops.

Currently, the predominant trend is for cabinets and drawers in neutral tones and without handles. They are replaced by pressure or even electric openings that operate on contact.

In the face of all these aesthetic modifications, what modern kitchen design seeks is a minimalist style that preserves the space, making it much more functional and comfortable to perform all the activities of a kitchen.