Key in hand

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Key in hand


Abeiro provides a key in hand service to our clients, which consists of defining and carrying out the construction project. This process includes, in addition to the technical design of the house, the aesthetic one. The relevant municipal license is also managed until it is granted and the work is carried out until it is finally delivered to the client.


The steps in this process are as follows:

1.- Technical and economic advice.

Prior to project design and based on the client's available budget, the general parameters of what the housing project will be are established. The characteristics and limitations established by the municipality in which it will be built are also taken into account.

Our technical team, made up of our architects and project execution directors, is involved in the consulting process.

Part of the project definition process is the energy saving approach that is proposed to our clients, where, if agreed, they are raised under the Passivhaus construction standard.


2.- Presentation of the project and management of municipal fees.

Once the project has been agreed and drafted, it is presented to the municipality and the fees for obtaining a license are processed. The process does not end here once it is presented, because a follow-up of the project presented with the city council is done until finally a license is obtained, attending to any requirement that the city council could make about it.


3.- Execution and final documentation of the work.

Once the license is obtained, the work is carried out according to the drafted project. In addition, once the work is finished, the technical documentation of the end of the work is managed, as well as the technical documentation of the materials used in the construction.


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