How to renovate a commercial space to attract more customers

reforma de local comercial

The image offered to the public is as important as the product or service being sold. Therefore, on many occasions, the best strategy to attract customers to a business is the renovation of a commercial space to turn it into an attractive space.

In addition, doing this rehabilitation in a sustainable way will help to increase the prestige of the business.


Start at the beginning: the facade

The structure of the establishment will be the one that generates the first impression of the customers. At the time of the reform of a commercial premises must take into account the basic elements necessary for a business: showcase and sign.

The shop window is the window to the interior of the premises. It allows the business to be visible to everyone at any time, whether the establishment is open or not. On the other hand, a sign is the best possible branding action for our business, so it is necessary to know the regulations to include it in the reform.


How to achieve a sustainable facade

The ecological value is fundamental for the image of a business. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it in mind in the reform of a commercial premises. A first option to consider for the facade and showcase are cardboard displays, which are fully recyclable and versatile when it comes to achieving forms.

On the other hand, ecological printing will be our greatest ally for the necessary communication elements such as the sign. To be sustainable, it is necessary to use water-based UV inks, solvent-free and beneficial for both the environment and the person using it.

The materials of manufacture are also important for ecological value, especially with respect to signage. Wood, aluminum and cellular polypropylene are three sustainable resources for the business image.


The structure is the skeleton of the renovation of a commercial space

After the external part of the establishment, we move on to the interior, where the most important thing is the structure. Although the reform of a commercial premises is similar to the rehabilitation of a house, and the elements to take into account are the same, it is important to focus on the most prominent and visual for sale: the floor and paint.

In many occasions, simply a coat of paint can offer a great change to the establishment. Color choice is also an important aspect to consider. The psychology of colors can significantly help our business. Each color has a meaning, for example, red is associated with stimulation and in marketing it is used for calls to action.

As for the floor, this is not an element that should always be changed in the reform of a commercial premises. However, if you want to opt for better temperature regulation or avoid humidity, it is a change that should be taken into account.


Light takes center stage in the renovation of a commercial space

Of course, the lighting of a store is fundamental. This element is essential to be able to build an ideal environment in which the customer feels comfortable. To create a pleasant atmosphere it is necessary to balance the light tones. However, it is true that each store or business needs its own characteristic lighting that identifies it.

On the other hand, light is in charge of highlighting those elements that are interesting and whose objective is to be sold. To achieve this, it is necessary to use directional lights that highlight the highlighted products or points of interest and focus the customer's view.


Lighting that cares for the planet

LED bulbs are the best type of lighting for a commercial facility. Unlike incandescent bulbs that have a life of 1,000 hours, this type of lights can live up to 10 years.

On the other hand, this lighting saves between 75% and 90% of electricity compared to incandescent bulbs. In addition, LEDs are not manufactured with elements that are harmful or toxic to the environment, so their use makes the premises much more sustainable. The energy savings of these bulbs can be improved by making good use of the natural light of the premises.


The personality of your premises: the furniture

For a renovation of commercial premises, it is not always necessary to change all the furniture. The role of this is to be the characteristic element of the business. They must maintain a style according to what is sold and the image that is tried to give. The furniture can be the protagonist when it comes to impacting the customer to achieve sales. It is necessary to take care of the image of the establishment and the furniture is in charge of it.


Can furniture be sustainable?

If furniture created from recycled materials is used for the decoration and functionality of the establishment, it will be supporting a sustainable system. Elements made from recycled wood, as well as from the cardboard mentioned above, and from local sources, will make this furniture sustainable.

Decorating the premises in a sustainable way is simple if attention is paid to the origin of the product, as well as to the production and packaging materials. In addition to this, it is necessary to verify the material certifications. In the case of wood, for example, we highlight the PEFC certificate and the FSC certificate.


No good experience without functionality

There is no point in refurbishing a commercial establishment if its functionality is not good for the customer experience. The distribution of the establishment must be planned before starting the renovation.

It is necessary to facilitate the movement of customers, but the route that employees must take to perform their work must also be taken into account.

Firm ideas regarding the establishment's spaces will facilitate the renovation work and allow the customer's experience to be satisfactory.

In conclusion, the renovation of a commercial establishment should aim to turn the space into a visual and identifying place for the brand and the products sold. In addition, it is necessary that the establishment facilitates the work of employees and the customer experience in order to increase sales.