Housing construction

Location: Santiago de Compostela
Property: Private
Year: 2018

Housing constructión

Construction of a single-family home consisting of a basement, two floors and a roof terrace in a rural setting near Santiago de Compostela. The design stands out for the spaciousness of the rooms and for the proper orientation of the house, which provides very considerable energy savings by making the most of natural sunlight.

The design of the house connects with the rural landscape. Its style is classic and it integrates perfectly into the environment in which it has been decided to build. It is worth highlighting a very large space for the living room, whose orientation is designed to spend the last moments of the afternoon taking advantage of the sunlight that falls directly at that time. The installation of the pellet fireplace in the living room is the detail that provides this room with the air of warmth that identifies the house.

The basement has a large garage where there is also a space available for storage. On the lower deck, a spacious study was designed and separated from the rest of the rooms that give it tranquility and privacy for its use. The choice of materials is in accordance with the design and location chosen for this single-family home that stands out for its sobriety and for its connection with the surrounding landscape.