Commercial Premises Orfas

Location: Santiago de Compostela
Property: Privada
Year: 2022

Commercial Premises Orfas


The commercial premises are located in the intramural enclosure of Santiago de Compostela, with access from the busy Plaza de Galicia in Santiago. The premises have a ground floor and a basement.

The design of the commercial premises, proposes to maintain the existing traditional distribution of the property, which consists of an interior passage from the main entrance, which gives access to the apartments on the upper floors through a staircase.

The state of conservation of the property from the structural point of view is good, so the structure of wooden beams and pontoons is maintained. The design proposal therefore allows visualizing these structural elements that have been part of the original state of the property.

Given the surface area of ​​the premises, large spaces have been planned with a storage area in the basement to provide service.